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Apex Legends – Iron Crown

Apex Legends “Iron Crown Event” and “Solo Mode” going on now. Check out their recent announcement here:

Need a place to test your metal that has comfortable seating, unlimited gameplay and Gig-port internet speeds? Come visit us at GTG Gaming Café in Pigeon Forge TN and “Game Like You Mean It!

Team Fight Tactics

Good to Go Gaming Cafe TeamFight Tactics CoverWith TeamFight Tactics kicking off September 3rd & going on till the 29th. You’ll definitely want to test your team skills in League of Legends during this event.

Being sponsored by HP Omen, they are backing this tournament with 25K worth of prizes!!

Other News

We now have Nintendo Switch and PSVR – yep, we rocking out down here in Pigeon Forge TN.

So, if you haven’t been by to see us, come check us out. We have games for days, snacks & drinks, free Wi-Fi & a spacious lounge.

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Good to Go Gaming Cafe PSVR Cover

Gamer and enthusiest here at GTG Gaming Cafe in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We established Good to Go Games to bring our love of gaming online to our local community and aim to provide a service that extends past the common arcade to the vast world of online community games!
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