Good to Go Gaming Cafe Happy 4th of July Cover

Happy 4th of July

by Scott - GTG Cafe in

Hey Gamers! Hope everyone is celebrating the 4th of July and our Nation’s Independence in good spirits and good company. Whether you’re out celebrating late or just looking to escape into the fine and fantastic world of online games this weekend – come down and see us.

Good to Go Gaming Cafe Don't Starve - Together Cover

Don’t Starve – Together!

by Scott - GTG Cafe in

Another exciting day here at GTG Gaming Cafe! Blue lights were rocking, Racing on the FORZA 4 track was underway & global match-ups were happening – more on that in this post – The Moment He Knew.

However, it was the Steam PC game, Don’t Starve – Together, that stole the show. This is an immersive, addictive game of survival that is somewhat reminiscent of the classic RPGs, but with a twist. . .

Collect materials, find food & try to maintain your sanity in this awesome survival game.