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We are excited to announce that we are working on bringing eSports to Pigeon Forge TN this month as we open our doors to GTG Gaming Cafe. From here you’ll be able to play the latest game releases for Xbox One, PS4 and PC; as well as participate in local & global tournaments for your chance to win some awesome, game-exclusive prizes!

Play as a guest, or build your profile here at our exclusive ggCircuit LAN Center. Earn coins and redeem coins through the circuit, play online with your friends and join our local tournaments to compete and win prizes like your own Xbox One X or PS4 Pro!

Need a faster connection for your game-play – we’ve got you covered here too! With our Gig-port speeds, you’ll play like never before! Tired of waiting for long updates, bring in your station when you visit and get it updated while you continue playing your favorite games.

Established by gamers – for gamers! GTG Gaming Cafe keeps you connected to the games you love, the tournaments you want and the speeds you need!

Gamer and enthusiest here at GTG Gaming Cafe in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We established Good to Go Games to bring our love of gaming online to our local community and aim to provide a service that extends past the common arcade to the vast world of online community games!
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